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– Let me introduce myself.

I am an optimist and believe that opportunities can arise from difficulties. The challenges posed by communication and linguistic comprehension between people who do not share a common language is an occasion to focus on linguistic diversity, to distinguish yourself from others and to bring your message to a wider audience.

Why work with me?


I am an expert interpreter with some 1000 work days of experience and I love my job. Especially since the beginning of 2020, I have expanded my technical expertise to better serve my clients. I have assembled a large network of professionals to work alongside me in order to offer impeccable service.


As I have my own consultancy, I am very flexible. I respond quickly to your requests and I adapt to your needs. As your sole point of contact for all details, you are better able to concentrate on your priorities.


Teamwork is a fundamental aspect, whether among interpreters or in the collaboration with event organizers. Working side-by-side, we achieve our common objectives.


My priority is to allow my clients to achieve the desired results for the event, in the shortest time possible and with the greatest saving of time, energy and money.

Laura Spertini – A Swiss interpreter and translator with a global reach.

In the last 20 years, I have specialized in offering high-quality linguistic services and client management for Swiss and international clients.


My linguistic path began at home, where I grew up in a bi-lingual household of Italian-German. Following my science-based studies, I decided to concentrate on languages and became fascinated with a practical profession which brings me in contact with people and produces tangible results: interpreting for conferences!

Towards London

I received my diploma for interpreters/translators from the Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici in Milan, and then transferred to London for a specialization in techniques of interpretation for conferences at Westminster University.

20-year work experience

My career as an interpreter began in Germany and was consolidated in the following 12 years in Brussels with frequent assignments which took me all over Europe.

New working horizons

My desire to return home brought me back to Ticino where I undertook new work experiences, first in the economic/financial field in sales and client assistance, then later in the non-governmental organization (NGO) sector as a fundraiser and project manager.


My interest in and dedication to the field of interpretation has always been present, and in 2019, I returned to this work, establishing an independent consultancy as an interpreter and translator. Today I bring all of my skills from my past experiences together to offer my clients an excellent service.

Beside my work, which I practice with great enthusiasm and passion, in my free time I enjoy being out in nature with my two dogs, who often accompany me when I am horse-back riding. I also gladly devote my time to collaborating with the Ticinese Association Mabawa, which implements international cooperation and development projects in the educational field in Rwanda.

My principal values – Connect, involve, persuade. Communication creates bridges which facilitate cooperation. To be effective, a mutually supportive relationship arise from reciprocal trust.

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