Face-to-face interpretation

– there are different techniques of interpretation, depending on the type of meeting

The techniques of conference interpreting are varied, the suitability depends on the specific context or area. Therefore, the most appropriate choice will be made on the basis of your requirements in order to obtain the best possible result.

Simultaneous interpretation

Listen comfortably to the interpreter, as the speaker is talking, through headphones. There is no time delay and the interpreter listens, analyzes, elaborates and reproduces the speech in the required language. Sound-proof cabins are used, guaranteeing discretion within the room.

Interpretation using portable systems (TourGuide)

This is a mobile system suitable for itinerant visits or for brief meetings with 1-2 working languages and a limited number of participants. The interpreter remains in the same room as the participants and translates through a microphone/radio transmitter. The listeners receive the translation through headphones.

Whispered interpretation (chuchotage)

This is a particular form of simultaneous interpretation in which the interpreter works for a maximum of two people without any technical assistance.

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter listens to the speaker, takes notes and proceeds to reproduce the speech in the targeted language when the speaker pauses. This technique requires approximately double the time of simultaneous translation.

“As manager for sales for Liechtenstein Life, I also handle our distribution partners in Ticino. Since I don’t speak Italian very well, I gladly work with Signora Spertini when we have our training sessions about products for our Ticinese and Italian distribution partners. Whether it involves simultaneous or phrase-by-phrase translation, I am always amazed by how Signora Spertini is able to convey my words with great ability and competence to the participants. For this reason, and for her very engaging manner in dealing with matters, I will continue to count on her services in the future.”

Jürg Bäuerle, Head of Sales Liechtenstein Life

What is the added value that a professional interpreter brings to your event? Watch the video “Let them hear you”

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