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In the business world, time is precious. Organizing events requires a great amount of energy, experience and competence.

As a consultant-interpreter, I assist in every phase of the creation of successful events, handling all interpreter services from the hiring of the appropriate interpreter to the resolution of any last-minute problems during the event, ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Services provided

    • Discussion of requirements
    • Determination of working languages
    • Determination of the type of interpreter service required

    Assembling and hiring a team of interpreters:

    • The selection will be based on the criteria of the working languages, geographic availability (for in-person meetings), professional specialization and availability
    • The interpreters who are selected and are available will reserve the date pending definitive contractual confirmation
    • The organization of all arrangements (travel, hotels) for in-person events
    • Modification of the interpreter team based on program evolution (change of working languages, speakers, number of rooms) and potential new health regulations
    • Preparation of event estimate, adjustments, final contract
    • Provide interpreting equipment when necessary or coordinate access to the platform for remote simultaneous interpretation RSI
    • Coordinate and gather material for the preparation of the interpreters
    • For virtual RSI events: provide briefings for the clients and participants about the necessary technical requirements and the rules to be followed, as well as interpreter training

    • On-site coordination of the team and appointment of manager
    • Resolution of last-minute problems such as change of venue, audio difficulty, personnel replacement in case of illness or accident
    • Billing coordination
    • Debriefing with client, technical staff and interpreters

“In our organization it is important that we can hold the delegate meetings twice a year with simultaneous German-Italian translation. In 2020, it was not possible to meet due to the restrictions regarding Covid-19, and at that time we had very little experience with virtual meetings as opposed to those in-person.

For the simultaneous online translation, Laura Spertini was able to advise us very well, thanks to her remarkable experience, finding the solutions best suited for us. We carried out several tests to be sure that everything worked without problems and that the audio for the simultaneous translation would be good.

During the delegate meeting, everything worked perfectly and all participants could follow the meeting very well! We greatly appreciated the fact that Laura Spertini was well informed on all technical aspects and had already actively assisted us during the preparation phase.”

Erik Keller, Direttore di Comundo

How does a consultant-interpreter work?

Reserve a time for a video or telephone consultation to discuss the linguistic requirements for your next event, without financial commitment.

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