Communicate with no linguistic barriers, hitting the mark

Ways of communicating have changed, rapidly growing globalization has challenged linguistic diversity.

We live in an increasingly globalized world.  The necessity to communicate between people with common interests is correspondingly growing. However, the global predominance of the English language does not break down linguistic barriers or cultural and social divisions.

Company Training

Do you need to organize a company training program with participants from diverse linguistic regions, ensuring the maximum effort and collaboration of all involved?


Are you confronted with a decisive negotiation in bidding for or concluding a contract with a foreign counterpart and prefer to negotiate in your mother tongue for your best representation?


Do you need to make a presentation to launch a new product or service to a multilingual audience in order to increase business for your company?


– attention to every detail

Ideal when:

  • you are uncertain how best to proceed in finding the appropriate interpreter for your conference or in determining the necessary technical material for the interpretation

  • you prefer to delegate the interpreter role to a professional to save time and resources in order to concentrate on your priorities

  • you need to rapidly find the best solution to obtain the best result for your event

Simultaneous Interpretation

– sessions are translated in real-time

Ideal for:

  • conferences and conventions with large numbers of participants

  • annual assemblies of professional associations

  • business events or shareholder meetings in which time is crucial

  • technical seminars

Consecutive Interpretation

– speaker and interpreter alternate, the speech is translated when the speaker pauses or concludes

Ideal for:

  • welcome speeches and inaugural ceremonies

  • bilateral negotiations

  • diplomatic visits

Remote interpreting

– the audience, speakers and interpreters are in different geographical locations

Ideal for:

  • guaranteeing continuity in your activities when it is not possible to meet in person (lockdown periods, for example)

  • brief meetings that do not require the physical presence of the participants

I assist Swiss and international firms and organizations active in Ticino in executing events smoothly and efficiently.

How? By assisting in all key organizational phases and taking care of all aspects of interpreter services, from the selection of the type of interpretation best suited to need, to the hiring of the interpreters, to the resolution of last-minute problems, ensuring client satisfaction.

Since 2004, I have collaborated with a range of companies and organizations, from companies in the manufacturing sector to a variety of service organizations, legal offices, public entities and associations, overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers during events by providing interpreter services which perfectly convey the content to linguistically diverse audiences.

“I have taken advantage of Laura Spertini’s translation services in the technical-economic field on a number of occasions. In very different situations ranging from simultaneous translation to document translation, I greatly appreciate the quality, precision, discretion and punctuality of Laura Spertini.

In planning her work, she pays great attention to preparation, and therefore gains complete understanding of the subject matter, guaranteeing, thanks as well to her empathetic manner, very efficient and precise translations.”

Angelo Bernasconi, CEO IFEC ingegneria SA

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